About STC

Sarhad Tourism Corporation

NWFP is exceptionally rich in variegated sights for tourists attraction. Apart from its graceful geography, the province, owns a rich cultural heritage and possesses enormous potentials for development of tourism sector. In this regard, the gorgeous plains, snow capped high mountains, gushing fountains, splendid waterfalls, spell bound lakes and charming network of rivers are the valuable sources of excitement and thrill for the tourists. On eco tourism, the province excels in marking some areas as sanctuary, for nourishment of certain rare and precious species of animals and birds.
To give projection to the natural scenic places and available rich cultural heritage of the province, the government of NWFP established Sarhad Tourism Corporation (STC) as a public limited company in 1991. Indeed, the foundation of STC was a timely decision in order to develop a setup for utilizing the tremendous potential of the province for tourism expansion. The Corporation is also intended to prepare schemes and makes concerted efforts for systematic and sustainable development of the tourism industry in the province. The STC has also been assigned to:-

Promote and develop the tourism industry of NWFP by involving both the private and public sectors
Fully protect and preserve the culture, traditions, history, heritage, environment and wild life of the target areas
Develop the socio-economic conditions of the people and areas having tourism potential
Gradually and systematically identify and develop all the existing and potential areas for attracting tourists both from within and outside the country
Make the STC a self-financing organization.