Gates of Peshawar City

The Walled City
The old wall still runs round the city along with the gates, though renovated and some removed, marking the extent of the pre-British city. The gates are named (clockwise) as:

Kabuli Darwaza (Gate)
Darwaza Andar Shahr (Asamai) (Gate)
Kachehri Darwaza (Tangsali) (Gate)
Reti Darwaza (Gate)
Rampura Darwaza (Gate)
Hashtnagari Darwaza (Gate)
Lahori Darwaza (Gate)
Ganj Darwaza (Gate)
Darwaza Ekkatut (Gate)
Kohati Darwaza (Gate)
Saraki Darwaza (Gate)
Sard Chah Darwaza (Gate)
Sar Asiya (or Tabiban) Darwaza (Gate)
Darwaza Ramdas (Gate)
Dabgari Darwaza (Gate)
Bajauri Darwaza (Gate)

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